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 HHA Mazda Quick Service Center, Al Basatein Street, Jeddah


All New Mazda MX-5 Production Line
Mazda 10th Football Championship 2015 - Jeddah
Launch of Mazda 10th Football Championship - Jeddah Summer Festival
Mazda6 and CX-5 Earn Best-In-Segment Accolades in J.D. Power APEAL Survey.
حملة سوكر سين ومازدا لنبذ التعصب الرياضي
مازدا CX5 موديل 2016 - فهد نعمان
مازدا 6 موديل 2016 - فهد نعمان
Mazda sponsor of Jeddah Marathon 2015
Mazda2 won a 1st prize of ‘Supermini/City car category of Design Trophy 2015’ in Germany.
CX-3 won a 1st prize of ‘SUV category of Design Trophy 2015’ in Germany.
إنضمام بائعين جدد لفريق العمل في معارض مازدا
Mazda3 2015 launch clippings
مسابقة مازدا العالمية للجولة حول السيارة
All New Mazda3 2015 Launch
2014 Mazda6 earns Popular Mechanics' 'Car of the Year'
2014 Mazda6 named a finalist for WORLD CAR DESIGN OF THE YEAR